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Cauldron of Crime eBooks 1-3 (eBook Bundle)

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Book 1:  Mad as a Hatter

Seeking a little excitement in life can sometimes lead to trouble.

At 37-years-old, life is good but not great. It’s missing a little spark, so it’s high time I do something to rectify that.

A move across the country to the town my grandparents called home is exactly what I’ve been missing. I’ll embrace my magic, reopen their shop, and hope I don’t get run out of a town.
The good people of Snowton Heights believe the Wayward curse has returned with a vengeance. That might be true, but before I can find out for sure, I have another problem that needs my attention. A dead body on my front doorstep could derail my quest for a new life.

Book 2 : Pick Your Poison

Discarding old items could spell ruin for me.

Wayward’s Shop of Mysteries is open for business, and I couldn’t be more excited. The shelves may be empty now, but they won’t be that way for long.

My first spell will change everything, but unfortunately, before I can cast my first spell, things go horribly wrong.

When the residents of Snowton Heights fall ill one right after another, there’s one common denominator – a bottle from my shop. Rumors fly that I am behind the mysterious poison. I must clear my name before any more bodies drop.

Book 3: Clear as Crystal 

The truth is not always crystal clear.

With my first spell one of the record books, it’s time to try my hand at using crystals to read fortunes. The only problem is… I’m not very good at magic. That’s probably why things go wrong so quickly.

What appears to look like one thing turns out to be another. Now there’s a dead girl, a growing line of possible suspects who want me to read them to help them find the person responsible for her death. While honorable, my distrust of my magic could spell disaster. Looks like I’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way. With any luck, I just might get something right this time.

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